kim kardashian hollywood beginners guide

For those who have been attracted by ads of Kim Kardashian Hollywood and started playing, we come as a guide in the deepest ocean. Yes KKH is an exhilarating game if you know how to play and how to win.

Kim Kardashian Hollywood Guide For Beginners

Increase Fame to Go to The Next Tier

You will start the game as a Tier E player, and the aim is to reach tier A. The primary count of the Tier is dependent on the number of fans you have. There are various t to improve your fan numbers. The primary of them is to increase your Fame.

When you play the game, your attitude is always aimed at gaining more Fame. So when you go for some shopping or gift your friend your popularity increases.

Do Not Leave the Party Unattended

In the beginning, many criteria increase your number of fans. But the number of fans is not always growing. Any of your wrongdoing can decrease your popularity, and you will lose some fans.

One of the worst cheats that affect the most in gaining or losing fans is the party. When you own a house, you can throw a party to others. Parties last for three and eight hours. But if you do not attend the party invitees and take it lightly, the people attending the party will be annoyed, and they will Express their reaction in the media.

If you do not complete the party tasks, you may lose 1000 fans at a time.

Be Controversial

Like real life, in the game media has prime importance. The media discover the majority of your image, and they publish the news for others. So, the more you get attended by media, more fans get attached to you.

One of the best trick to get media attention is to create controversy. So if you confront other adamant celebrity and speak against them, you will bring more fans to your court.

Date Frequently

Dating is another excellent tip in the game that creates a difference. Your love life is the most exciting part for your fans to follow. To whom you date and how frequently you date makes more Fame. Tapping the heart icon on the social location allows you to call date.

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When you perform well on your date, you can be part of the top #100 list of couples. But the position is hard to maintain unless you date frequently. Dating requires quite a lot of Energy, and hence you must start dating when your energy bar is full.

Partners can be changed by dating someone else. But if the media becomes aware of the news, your Fame reduces, and you lose some fans.

Kim Kardashian Hollywood Tips That Work For Beginners

Customise Your Looks Frequently

To become famous, you need to change your look regularly. In the beginning, you will receive some dress, and as you achieve some higher-level new dresses and accessories are unlocked for purchase. There are also different makeups and hairstyles available to customise your character.

Changing your appearance frequently will keep you in the limelight, and also you can complete some achievements. Once you do so, you will get rewards like money and EXP.

Do Not Charm People Unless You Need The Favour

Charming is the last resort you can do to get some added advantage. When someone denies you to do some work that might help you, then you can charm them. It is an excellent trick to get some job done, but it requires K-star. Our suggestion is not to go for charming others unless you need some favour.

Take Part In Events

Often your manager will call you and tell that he has signed you up for an event. These events are time-bound and last for a specific time. In this period, every movement of yours counts. So while you are in the Event, you need to take care of what you do, whom you meet, and how you complete the jobs. Events are a great ways to collect goodies at the end. If you can perform well in the Event, you can win some big prizes like K-star or Dresses.

The best way to earn event prizes is to collect event points by making five stars in this period on all the activity. Energy can become a challenging item to get all the time.

Send Gifts to Higher Tier Players

You can send gifts to the contacts you make in the game as well as your friends on Facebook. Sending gifts will cost you some dollar, but they are an excellent ways to improve your relationship status. When you send a gift to higher tier friends, your connection gets upgraded, and you get more relationship points.

Let Your Managers Wait

Manager Simon and Maria will often call you to meet at their offices. If you rush at the same moment, your current gigs might be hampered. The hack is to finish the job you are in and then reach the office at Hollywood. There won’t be any difference in the reward. But if you come back, you need to spend money on travelling and again going back to your job. After all, saving cash is as equivalent to earning it.

Complete More Gigs

Often your manager will find gigs that will help you earn money, EXP and sometime K-star.

Improve your professional contacts as they are the best ways to complete gigs. Different type of Contacts can help in different kind of Gigs. You can connect with your friends also to get help.

You must complete professional tasks before dating or party. They require fewer Energy points to finish, and you can collect cash and EXP for that.

Final Words

Through the above guide, we tried to lay out the basics of the gameplay for FTP and low spenders. The game is more exciting when you reach the higher Tier. So, lead a celebrity life and enjoy the red carpet